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He lets out a poof of air and continues to spin his reel. Forget Lisanna, I'm hanging with Lucy for the rest of the night. He releases his right hand from the position on my thigh, before tracing my opening very softly. What'd she say? Waiting for something—anything—to happen. My breath catches in my throat at the sight of the man standing in front of me. I flip us over before he can once again gain the upper hand, briefly letting my mind wonder to Brittany and thanking God that she takes so long to get ready.

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I smirked and moved back to her neck, sucking on her pulse point.

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Refusing to touch her, Tom kept a safe distance between them as they headed for the elevator. Tom turned and flushed at the bemused look on the concierge's face; he had a feeling his thoughts were incredibly transparent. The echo reverberates in his head long after the sound has disappeared from the loft, buzzing through him and fueling the restlessness that's been building for months. Enjoy, and please let me know what you think! That is if you ditched Lisanna. Tom rubbed his now lonely hand over his neck, trying to erase any trace of excitement he'd felt; Lynette remained blissfully ignorant. It's time to explore a new one.

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