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I watched this movie on the edge of my seat, barely even noticing that it contained not one, not two, but three attractive women. Okay, maybe she's a little high strung, killing the guy who brought her back from the dead and all, but he did sleep with her, lie to her, and then abandon her. So after convincing her dumb jock boyfriend to put his dick in the zombie girl's mouth, which of course ends very badly for the dumb jock boyfriend, the only obstacle left becomes his low life, zombie-fucking, greasy retard friends, who incidentally kidnap Joann in order to turn her into a zombie for him. Blah blah does it really matter when the title is Zombie Strippers? To say this movie is disturbing as fuck is definitely an understatement, because it really is disturbing as fuck-ing a zombie. As far as attractive female zombies go though, she's pretty decent.

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Call me crazy, but I can't really blame Angela for wanting to off the two of them in addition to taking out the show's two ridiculous main characters.

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Let's see here…anything else about, oh I don't know, maybe not fucking dead girls you find in the basement of abandoned insane asylums or something? It's not a big surprise that a man would get turned on by the idea of a woman who wants nothing more than to devour him, but throw in the guarantee that she's going to swallow and it becomes readily obvious he isn't using his brain anymore. Let's be honest here, the only reason an adult male, who can buy as much candy as he wants, would dress up in a cheesy costume on Halloween is so that he can attend the only party of the year where women seem to lose all of their inhibitions and dress as sexy as humanly possible. I'm sorry to say, but all my suspicions about this show seem absolutely correct. She lived fast, granted it was mostly running and screaming from zombies, but still fast. So what have we learned from this movie other than the fact that everyone knows you should remove a zombie girl's teeth before putting your dick in her mouth? After trashing the place for a while they decide to explore the lower depths of the hospital only to be chased by an angry dog.

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