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Best to you both! Kind of weird. It's a pretty hot story, actually. I was wearing panties and a tank top, my brother his briefs. I got into the shower with my step brother and washed his stuff with soap and he washed me. Not as big as our dads.

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Stuck in an elevator for hours.

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Untitled 2 sec ago Untitled Rust 5 sec ago Untitled 7 sec ago Untitled 11 sec ago test 23 sec ago Untitled 30 sec ago Untitled 33 sec ago Untitled 43 sec ago. For the next week and a half, he had to dress and undress me. I apologized, and he said no problem. Nothing to be embarassed or ashamed about. WalrusJones Dec 18, Reply Don't know what your partner gng to say about this, but anyway what I think is if you were with a sister instead of a brother, she would take care of you in the same way ur brother did, feels nothing wrong then, isn't it? I believe you didn't want to have sex with him. OK, so now it is no big thing to be naked with my brother, and neither of us wanted sex, so it is OK.

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