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The director stops the scene and is talking to Nina when her armor suddenly begins to fall off from the damage Anna caused. Margaret at her nudist parents' birthday party attended by their nudist friends. Upon realizing that she's naked she quickly crouches and covers her chest with her arms. The camera zooms out to a larger shot of Aang shaking with embarrassment. The Little Mermaid Ariel unintentionally does this with Flounder after she's been turned into a human by Ursulaand he's helping her swimming up to the surface.

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In TwoKindsKeith does this with his hands when Flora, his ex, walks on him while he's modeling naked. Danielle De Luca does this in Naked Fear when she initially wakes up naked and a little while after when she's walking around looking for someone, despite being in the middle of the wilderness and having no one around for miles. Where Colin eats an apple and casually talks to Ally, all while being naked and having only a hand towel, and a banister, to cover his family jewels. At that age, I trusted my father and never questioned when he hurt me. He was sitting on the couch with his computer screen opened before him. In The Proposalwhen Margaret finishes showering and is searching for a towel, but all she finds is a cloth mitt that she then holds over her barely covered crotch while her other arm is across her chest as she leaves the bathroom to get a towel, when the small annoying family dog stands in her way yapping at her, while she tries to get past it with only her arms to cover herself.

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naked girls covering themselves with their hands
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