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Brits to bake in one of 'hottest summer's ever' starting with 30C June. Journalist Chris Chappell somehow managed to escape the Harry Potter madness when the books and movies first came out. No offense, but how ripped can you realistically get riding around on a broom? I mean, it's also known as the Come and Go Room, soooo what did the Hogwarts founders expect? JK Rowling gets backlash over Dumbledore comments. JK Rowling 's stories transported people into a world of spells, invisibility cloaks, flying cars and giants.

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Brits to bake in one of 'hottest summer's ever' starting with 30C June.

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NSFW: 5 Torrid Sex Scenes Directly From Harry Potter Erotica

More From Harry Potter. Till now. The Harry Potter books--and the movies, for the most part--have been extremely chaste. Twitter Email. Honestly, I'm not mad about it.

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